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Data Con-X Mini USB for Harsh Environments


Switchcraft Conxall, a Heico company, has just introduced the IP67 and IP68 rated Mini USB series. These connectors are perfect for high speed communications in applications that require environmental protection, such as industrial equipment, emergency communications, GPS devices, medical data carts, data acquisition devices, safety systems, vehicular diagnostics and Unmanned Ground Vehicles. The Mini USB standard even fits many of the smart phones, so these connectors can be used to upload data or charge batteries.

Pelonis Introduces Green Fans, Blowers & Heaters for Medical Products


Pelonis Technologies’ innovative cooling fans and heating products for medical applications provide powerful energy efficient solutions for large and small medical equipment manufacturers.

Pelonis offers a complete line of cross flow fans, backward curve impellers, mini fans and blowers, induction motors, and energy efficient PTC ceramic heaters. Both AC and Brushless DC versions are available, with many options like tachometer output, PWM control, IP coating, locked rotor protection and life detection, finger guards and connectors.

DC Input Jacks & Plugs


Switchcraft’s DC Power input jacks feature a sleeve shunt spring that allows you to switch from DC to AC supply for your product. Typically this is used to change the unit from operating on the battery to either operating on AC voltage or charging the battery, or both. Additional switching circuits are also available.

DC Power input jacks are available in PC Board mount and Panel mount varieties. Many are compatible with automated manufacturing equipment. There are several pin sizes available:  2.5, 2.1, 2.03, 2.0 and 1.27mm.