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Value Chain Optimization


Moss Marketing is much more than an Outsourced Field Sales Team. We provide market feedback and competitive information to our manufacturers; design, sourcing and manufacturing assistance for our customers and we invest in market development through internal research and industry networking.

Supply Chain Management has been a buzzword and industry focus for over 10 years now. That seems to be evolving to Value Chain Optimization.

Micro-Con-X is Now Available Up to 7 Positions!


Conxall has just announced an extension of the Micro-Con-X® line to include contact arrangements up to 7 contacts. This is natural extension of the Micro-Con-X® line, offering greater versatility for contact arrangements in a compact connector package.  This offers customers greater flexibility by a larger number of contact arrangements in the same IP 67 rated housing as previously offered. The panel hole size is only 0.43 inches.

Features and Benefits:

Photo Etched Medical Parts


Medical PartsWith its recent development of the processes of coating carbon based conductive corrosion resistant coatings and the production etching of medical parts made from Nitinol, Tech-Etch as added to its manufacturing of light-gauge, metal parts for the medical industry through photo chemical etching, a process that produces intricate components with close tolerances.