Brushless DC Motors? What kind?

We list Brushless DC Motors prominently in our product offering. But that is so generic! MOOG Components Group has developed such a comprehensive line of BDC motors that we really need to expand our literature and website verbiage to project the true essence of the solution set.  Varieties include high speed, high performance, military, aerospace, defense, medical, marine, standard, IP-65, low cost, integral drive, unique stator design, outside rotor, torque, high reliability, frameless, European, separates, cube style, custom, toroidal, integrated, geared, dual shaft, encoder style, resolver combination, assembled and custom. MCG can vary the shafts, mounting holes, windings, magnets, cabling, bearings, insulation and materials. You can even get your motor with the pulley or gear installed. MCG offers unique solution capabilities when your motor needs to be integrated with a slip ring, resolver, actuator, twist capsule, fiber optic rotary joint, fluid rotary union, RF rotary joint or custom motion component. They can also work with your unique specifications to develop the exact motion solution you require. Since engineering and production is in the USA, lead times are relatively short and technical communications are easy. Please let us know how we can serve you.

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