Conxall Announces the Latest Release in the Data-Con-X Series: USB Type A & B Connectors


Conxall just announced the latest release in the Data-Con-X series, USB Type A & B connectors! These connectors are IP68 rated when mated. These are intended for harsh environments like outdoor applications, industrial monitors, process control, security, water instruments, robotics, Kiosks, irrigation, agricultural equipment, data logging, alternative energy, geological instruments and any other application requiring rugged, reliable, high speed data interfaces.

Overmolded versions of the cable connectors will be announced soon.

Data Con-X Mini USB for Harsh Environments


Switchcraft Conxall, a Heico company, has just introduced the IP67 and IP68 rated Mini USB series. These connectors are perfect for high speed communications in applications that require environmental protection, such as industrial equipment, emergency communications, GPS devices, medical data carts, data acquisition devices, safety systems, vehicular diagnostics and Unmanned Ground Vehicles. The Mini USB standard even fits many of the smart phones, so these connectors can be used to upload data or charge batteries.

Micro-Con-X is Now Available Up to 7 Positions!


Conxall has just announced an extension of the Micro-Con-X® line to include contact arrangements up to 7 contacts. This is natural extension of the Micro-Con-X® line, offering greater versatility for contact arrangements in a compact connector package.  This offers customers greater flexibility by a larger number of contact arrangements in the same IP 67 rated housing as previously offered. The panel hole size is only 0.43 inches.

Features and Benefits: