New Product Announcement: Miniature Brushless DC Motor offers high torque density in small package


Moog Components Group’s new DBH-0472 motors offer the greatest torque density available in a miniaturized package. Designed for high temperature and environmental robustness, it is intended to fill the small size with superior performance market niche.

AS9100C Aerospace Quality Rating


AS9100 is a widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry. It was released in October, 1999, by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the European Association of Aerospace Industries.
AS9100 replaces the earlier AS9000 and fully incorporates the entirety of the current version of ISO 9000, while adding additional requirements relating to quality and safety. Major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers worldwide require compliance and/or registration to AS9100 as a condition of doing business with them.

What is a Harsh Environment?


Many of our products are especially well suited for “Harsh Environment” applications. So, what’s that mean? Other ways to say Harsh Environment are wide temperature, moist, wet, weather resistant, waterproof, rugged, dusty, dirty, environmentally challenging, outdoor, exposed, vibratory, pressurized, UV resistant, sealed, splashproof, IP-56, IP-65, IP-66, IP-67, IP-68, NEMA 4, NEMA 6, NEMA 12, industrial and military-grade. Did we miss any? Please let us know!

The products we offer for Harsh Environments are: