UV resistant

Choosing a Low Cost Server Rack


Have you ever ordered a server rack? Most suppliers require you to choose a long list of components, from handles to hinges and casters to fans. It makes the specification and purchase process time consuming and expensive.

Bud industries has simplified the process for you while at the same time streamlining the manufacturing process. The savings are passed on to you!

These low cost SRP Professional Series racks are available now.

What is a Harsh Environment?


Many of our products are especially well suited for “Harsh Environment” applications. So, what’s that mean? Other ways to say Harsh Environment are wide temperature, moist, wet, weather resistant, waterproof, rugged, dusty, dirty, environmentally challenging, outdoor, exposed, vibratory, pressurized, UV resistant, sealed, splashproof, IP-56, IP-65, IP-66, IP-67, IP-68, NEMA 4, NEMA 6, NEMA 12, industrial and military-grade. Did we miss any? Please let us know!

The products we offer for Harsh Environments are: