Schaffner EMC is building filters into power cords

Can you believe this?   Schaffner EMC is building filters into power cords now.
We are happy to introduce Schaffner EMC’s new
IF13 Power Cord Input EMC Filter

• EMC lifeline at last design stage
• High performance in high frequency range
• Retrofit for cord connected devices
• No space allocation required for filter

• Medical Equipment                                                               Please call us early in your design cycle to
• Data Centers                                                                          look at EMC/EMI options. You can call us at
• Instrumentation                                                                     testing time as well. We have samples and
• High Frequency Device                                                             technical info available for you now.
• Security Devices
• Volume Challenged Design
• Testing Centers
• Broadcast Equipment
• Worship Equipment                                                                                 Call or write today!
• Communications Equipment                                                      
• Audio Equipment                                                                                          800-980-8812
• Laboratory Equipment

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