Welcome D6 Industries

We are excited to announce the addition of D6 Industries, Inc. to our solution set for thermal management applications. D6 Provides thermal design, air cooled heat sinks, liquid cold plates, heat exchangers and custom assemblies.

Cold plates include embedded tube designs, HydraBlok higher efficiency designs and HydraTrak superior performance products.

Their quick-turn / prototype shop can save you months on your project.

You can see them at the March 4-8 APEC show in San Antonio, TX

If you’re planning on attending the APEC show in San Antonio, we would like to encourage you to stop by and visit D6 industries in Booth 436. D6 will be exhibiting some of their latest and greatest products. The Conference is on March 4-8 and will also have dozens of power electronics exhibitors and numerous engineering driven information sessions & workshops.

As a domestic supplier with facilities in MA and FL, D6 Industries can provide custom solutions in a timely manner, and you can speak with them in English during the day. At the show you can speak with them in person.

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