Designatronics, the parent company of Stock Drive Product/Sterling Instruments is evolving. Under the direction of Robert Kufner, the new President and CEO, the modernization has been amazing. We are excited to be associated with them as they transition into the dominant force in mechatronics components in the USA.

We now represent four divisions of Designatronics:

We’ve added to our solution set all types of bearings, metric gears, racks, pulleys, shafts, clutches, brakes, couplings, adapters, gearheads, assemblies and custom components. 

Our customers will soon be able to purchase a variety of components, from any of the brands in a single transaction.

The new Designatronics website will give you access to all the divisions. New systems and methods are designed to enhance the customer experience.

Please contact us today to find out the latest updates on this metamorphosis.

Call us at 1-800-980-8812, or speed dial #1 today.

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