For Manufacturers

Moss Country

The Moss Marketing offices are strategically located to adequately cover our territory. Our area of responsibility includes Montana, Wyoming, Southern Idaho, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and El Paso, TX.

Sales Tools

Team Approach

  • Planning / Forecasting
  • Training
  • Reporting
  • Special Market Focus Programs
  • Marketing Feedback
  • Distribution support


  • Detailed opportunity tracking
  • Interactive website with Manufacturer and Distributor links
  • Empowering Systems Software
  • Mobile voice/data communications for outside sales
  • Lead Generation

Distribution Focus

  • Sales meetings/product training
  • Quote and sample follow through
  • Lead sharing
  • Buddy calls
  • Incentive programs

Market Segments Served

We carefully select lines that enhance our overall marketing effort by their associative relationship. Thus, we have a few market segments that we serve very well.