Rotary Actuators

Moog Components Group’s new Model 220 rotary servo actuator features brushless DC motors with Neodymium magnets and several interface technologies to choose from.

This model was designed for flight surfaces on UAVs and is also used for speed control, brakes, throttle, doors, gimbal deployment and other higher reliability applications.

Highly compact and light weight, this model is ideal for flying applications. Power and performance also make it an excellent choice for robotics and UGV applications.

Interfaces include:

  • R/C PWM, TTL Level, 30-400hz, Optically Isolated
  • Pulse Length: 1.000 to 2.000msec
  • Null position: 1.500msec
  • CW/CCW: User Definable


  • RS485/422 Compatible 2 Wire Half Duplex (2 Channel Dual Redundant)
  • RS485/422 Compatible 4 Wire Full Duplex (Single Channel)

Other specs:

  • Rated Torque: 50lbin (800ozin)
  • Command Latency to Mechanical Response: <15msec
  • Weight: 8.96ozs (254g)
  • Life: > 7500hrs

These servo actuators can be tailored to fit your application exactly.  We are eager to help you with your project. Please contact us at 800-980-8812 and we’ll join your team.

Moog Components Group is a high quality domestic manufacturer of electromechanical devices including slip rings, motors, resolvers, solenoids, air moving devices, actuators, fiber optic transceivers and multiplexers, fiber optic rotary joints, PC Boards, flexible circuits and higher level assemblies that combine various technologies. For more information visit them at

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