Success Through Innovation

Innovative hardware solutions can give you an edge over your competition. Moss Marketing provides real solutions to our customers by working outside the catalog.

We actively seek manufacturers that will go beyond their catalogs to work closely with us to provide our customers with the exact solution they seek. This often requires a balance between several design objectives like part cost, component size, weight, tooling charges, lead time, quality, compatibility with legacy products, USA sourcing, shipping costs, packaging and handling, performance options, engineering costs and many others.  These solutions allow our customers to gain an edge on their competition while streamlining their production to maximize their profits. Navigating the options is a challenge. That is the value we bring to the market.

Our average experience level for our field team is 30 years. That experience allows us to solve design issues and offer suggestions and alternatives that might otherwise be missed.

Here are some of the tailored solutions we currently provide:

Motors, resolvers, magnetics and synchros with winding variations; Connectors molded onto cables for strength and ingress protection; Custom gaskets for a variety of industrial, instrumentation and medical applications; custom vibration mounts for machinery and wind generators; Transformers wound for specific, precise outputs; Fans that can operate at peak efficiency at 17 VDC; Precision screens for medical filtering applications, Flexible Circuits that allow researchers to develop new processes; Trunnion assemblies that reduce time-to-market and development costs;  Slip Rings with integrated fiber and fluid rotary unions and many, many more.

We’ve been down a lot of paths before and have a good sense of direction. We are eager to help you.

How can we be of service today?

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