Switchcraft-Conxall Stands Out From The Connector Crowd As a Truly Customer Oriented Manufacturer

Made in the USA

  • That screams quality, lead time, communications and shipping cost advantages over the competition.

Over 6,000 standard products    

  • Several ways to easily meet design and manufacturing needs.  Plus, easy migration for the next generation product.

Worldwide Distribution

  • Most parts are in stock for immediate shipment. Distributors can also set up Just-In-Time delivery, bin stocking, flexible schedules on volume orders, credit terms and back-up inventory for your production surges. For a list of distributors click HERE.

Tailored Products

  • Connectors and Switches can be purchased with the cable already attached, through distribution!

Custom Solutions

  • Let us know what you are wrestling with. Chances are we have solved similar design or manufacturing issues and can suggest alternate solutions for you.  Switchcraft-Conxall’s highly vertical manufacturing and materials integration gives them flexibility in metals, plastics, plating, hardware and assembly that opens the way for the best solutions available for your application.

The Right Products

  • Inexpensive, sealed harsh environment connectors for outdoor, indoor, industrial, medical, instrumentation, marine, off-road and security equipment . There are so many options available to help you find exactly what you need for your unique applications. From high speed signals to high power and pro-audio applications, Switchcraft is a world-class solution partner.

Great Representation

  • The local manufacturer’s representatives for Switchcraft Conxall are customer oriented and very knowledgeable with considerable experience.

Here is a video that shows why Switchcraft-Conxall is such a great brand:

Please let us know how we can serve you. 1-800-980-8812

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