Switchcraft Conxall’s Data-Con-X series


Switchcraft Conxall’s Data-Con-X series of Harsh Environment data connectors continues to expand with the addition of USBC connectors set to be released this quarter. This revolutionary product line allows the world of high speed data transfer to operate outside the box where the action is.

USBA                   USBB                          USBC                           D-Sub 9                              HDMI
RJ45                     MiniUSB                    MicroUSB                    D-Sub 15 HD                     Cat6   


Security                                            Datalogging                                                 Payload monitors
Sensors                                            Rail communications                                 Camera systems   
Vehicle systems                              Industrial data                                            Off road vehicles
Machine control                             Robotics                                                       Solar power products
IoT                                                     Food equipment                                        Electric vehicle charging
Medical equipment                        Weather instruments                                Drone sensors
Agricultural monitors                    Wildlife management                                Electric bikes   
Distributed sensing                       RFID                                                              Driverless controls
Car Washes                                     Floor care equipment                                Traffic controls
Mobile refrigeration                      Outdoor lighting                                         Wind energy generators   
Outdoor signs                                 Irrigation controls                                      Outdoor instruments
Access Controls                              Kiosks                                                           Sports equipment

connectors can be molded right onto cables for superior strength and sealing. Some standard overmolded versions of these products are available on distribution shelves.   

Product demonstrations and samples are available, as well as design assistance including DFC, DFM, DFT and DFQ.

Whatever high speed harsh environment application you have, DataConX products would be worth considering.

Please let us know how we can serve you today.


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