Tech-Etch Rigid-Flex Circuits

Rigid-Flex Circuits for Medical, Aerospace and
Military Applications

Tech-Etch manufactures Rigid-Flex Circuits combining a printed circuit board and flex circuit in one package for improved reliability through reduced interconnects. Rigid-Flex Circuits maximize three-dimensional space and support higher component density and leadless SMT packages.


Medical Devices                                   UAV, UGV Systems
Security Devices                                  Scientific Instrumentation
Robotics                                                Sensors
Motion System Controls                    Airborne Instruments
IoT Node Electronics                          Home Automation
Pro-Audio                                             Communication Systems
Servers and Computers                     Embedded Processing
Electronic Test Equipment                 Data Logging
Energy Monitoring                              Power Metering
Telemetry                                             Airborne Entertainment Systems

 Tech Etch Engineering is ready to assist with your design. Please let us know how we can be part of your team.


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