Triad Magnetics Has a Brand New Website!

Triad has just introduced their new interactive website with all new graphics, layout and search features. It is modern, streamlined and very functional.

Triad Magnetics has seen tremendous growth over the last several years with new product families like the toroid style transformers and switching wall plug in units. The largest contributor to this growth is their custom solutions capabilities.

Triad’s engineering group in CA provided design feedback and recommendations in English during the day, and they can produce prototypes for you too. That makes it very easy to tailor magnetics for your unique designs. Production is done in their facilities in Asia and you end up with very economical custom magnetics solutions.

Triad Magnetics is distributed by Digikey, Allied, Future, Newark, Mouser and Walker, so standard products are readily available worldwide.

From high power to small inductors consider Triad Magnetics for your next standard, tailored or full custom magnetics design.

Please contact us to discuss your application today!

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