Tubular Linear Motors from Moog Components Group

Precision, Powerful Linear Motion

Moog tubular linear motors offer an advantage over current technology in weight, size, maintenance costs, environmental considerations, precision, speed, control, programmability, reliability and noise.

Moog offers the motion control industry an attractive alternative to hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical power sources for linear motion control. Moog linear motors are easy to install and integrate. Position and force are fully programmable and there is no backlash or fluid compressibility to compromise position accuracy.


  • Single moving part – integral bearings
  • Brushless direct drive technology
  • Fully programmable
  • Clean, quite operation
  • 1180 lb peak force
  • > 180 in / sec
  • 40 G acceleration
  • Strokes up to 24 inches


  • Increased throughput, a function of its high acceleration
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Consistent repeatability
  • Environmentally friendly – no hydraulic fluids
  • Exceptionally high force per volume
  • High force / weight ratio
  • Quiet
  • Lifecycle cost savings of up to 50 percent over existing motion control systems because of:
    • Reduced wear and friction – meaning lower repair and maintenance costs because it has just one moving part and integral bearings
    • High operating efficiency
    • Low cost of operations / power consumption
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